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Ok video games. There are loads and chances are even the most fun hating person will someday find one that makes him/her smile. Games are full of stupidity and especially because of the people who decide the age rating. First things first a bit off topic porn is illegal until you are 18 right. Well i have lost count of the number of times a sex scene has come up nowadays in a 15 film. Now this is okay because our society is becoming more aware and these things shock us less. Now the bit that puzzled me was that i was recently playing a video game called left 4 dead. Ok so there is blood and violence but it was for some reason given an age rating of 18. And as far as i am aware there are no sex scenes and no massive swearing sprees involved in it. I was actually thoroughly dissapointed with the lack of anything within it. As an 18 you expect blood, people being destroyed and giant swearing marathons, but no all it is is "look i shot a animated cartoon like corpse with a bullet hooray you win". In fact whenever i raise the question with others their response is "well the smokers have big tongues and then you know they......... it just is okay" And then sit there in a random strop like i have somehow insulted them by questioning some random persons decision, they make it sound like people with slightly bigger tongues than others are bad people who are crimes against nature and should be quarantined.  And then we get onto the worst part which is the morons who play online. Every online gamer in the world will have at one point screamed with rage because of some stupid 9 year old playing a 18 and dying all the time while at the same time complaining that you suck and even worse doing it in their whiny voices while at the same time sounding like they are chewing on the microphone. Then you get so annoyed that you scream constant profanity at them which results in them complaining to the makers about you and then they ban you from playing for a month without even questioning why a 9 year old is playing a 18. And then there is the parents who sit there on tv with their child saying "well i bought this game for him and it is just too violent the game should be banned" What is curious is why are you buying someone, who probably hasn't even learnt to speak yet, a copy of grand theft auto. But no one seems to realise this and a week later you are sent to jail because of even suggesting that you might get the game. A slight exageration but you get the basic point nonetheless. Doesn't it all just make perfect sense?


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