Local TV Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit During Live Broadcast (Video)

Scot Haney, a weatherman for WFSB in Hartford, Conn., recently shocked his co-workers and viewers by revealing that he accidentally ate cat vomit on the air.

During the Wednesday morning news broadcast, Haney picked up what he thought were Grape Nuts cereal pieces off the floor of the news set and ate them (video below).

The rest of the WFSB news team was shocked by Haney eating something off the floor, but then he complained that the "cereal" tasted like "dog poop," noted Mediaite.com.

Later in the newscast, Haney informed viewers that he had eaten his cat’s vomit that had fallen off the bottom of his shoe, reports FTVLive.com.

In case people missed that on-air confession, Haney also tweeted, "I just ate cat vomit, I thought it was grape nuts! Omg!!!"

In another unnecessary announcement, Haney tweeted, "I thought they were grape nuts on the floor, i ate them. It was actually cat vomit that i must have stepped in at home. It came off my shoe."

Sources: FTVLive.com, Twitter, Mediaite.com


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