Local News Anchor Tells Kids Santa is 'Made Up' (Video)


WTVD in Raleigh, N. C. had to backtrack yesterday after one of its anchors broke the news to children that Santa is not real.

After reporting a story about black student whose teacher scolded him for dressing up like Santa (because Santa is white), WTVD anchor Anna Laurel said on the air: “Hide your ears, but the Santa of today is made up,” noted MediaBistro.com (video below).

Weatherman Chris Hohmann tried to cover for Laurel, "She didn't say that, did you?"

"Earmuffs kids, " added Laurel. "Earmuffs."

WTVD apologized (sort of) on its Facebook page after the broadcast: "We obviously struck a raw nerve during our Santa story at 4 pm. We will be more mindful of our 4pm audience in the future."

However, some parents skewered the station for the Santa news:

I was shocked to hear it announced that Santa today is "made up". Thanks A LOT!! My 9 year old who has suspicions about Santa just heard THAT on the news! Unbelievable!!

Sorry, but I want my children to be children as long as possible. Santa is a huge part of childhood. You obviously either don't have kids, or had a horrible childhood yourself, but don't ruin it for everyone else.

I don't usually comment but feel the need today...what she said was unfortunate, but as parents its our jobs to stay on our toes and do damage control when these things happen.

Lol my kids still believe. I told them she said that because she has been not so nice and Santa stopped visiting her. And that people say things out of anger and jealousy all the time.

Sources: Facebook and MediaBistro.com


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