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Local News Anchor Bill Lunn Accidentally Drops F-Word (Video)

KSTP-TV news anchor, Bill Lunn, recently reported on a city council that wanted to end their pledge of allegiance to the flag and the Minneapolis gay pride festival, but accidentally used the three letter f-word (video below).

"I pledge allegiance to the f--... flag" Lunn said. "That meant the start of the school day to most of us growing up. Tonight, one city debates if they should end the practice at their council meetings."

Then Lunn got his gay pride story: "And here in the Twin Cities many people celebrate the Twin Cities' pride festival."

According to, Lunn did apologize later on Twitter several times, which was well-received:

I want to sincerely apologize for stumbling over the word flag on Tuesday's late newscast. What came out of my mouth was a word I never use.

While I quickly corrected myself, I take responsibility for what I say. It was stumble, nothing more.

I celebrate the diversity of our great state and am horrified that I may have offended people. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

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