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Local Fox Reporter Saying He'd 'F*ck' Missing Woman Is A Fake (Video)

There’s a video clip making its way around the internet showing a Fox reporter gloating about what he’d do to a missing woman if she was found.

“I don’t care if she’s 20,” the reporter says. “Hell, I’d f*ck her, you can’t say you wouldn’t f*ck her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when they find her, I’ll go and f*ck her. F*ck her right in the p*ssy.”

The clip then cuts back to a shocked anchor in the studio apologizing to viewers for what they just heard.

While imagining Grandma and Grandpa sitting at home hearing a reporter spout off about what he’d do to a missing woman will make you cringe, there’s a problem with the clip: it’s a fake.

Mediaite debunked the video yesterday. They drew attention to the unmarked microphone and Apple earbuds used by the reporter to first tip viewers off. Then, an authenticated clip of a reporter saying “I can’t f*cking talk” live on air was shown. In that clip, the same in studio anchor appears on screen after the gaffe saying the exact same lines she did in response to the faux reporters missing woman blunder. This isn’t a real blooper, it’s just a few bored guys filming their friend and then stitching it with another existing video.

See the proof for yourself. Here are both videos. The first is the hoax, the second is the authentic clip in which the anchor was reacting to:

And the real clip:

Sources: Mediaite, Media Bistro


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