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Liz Hurley Denies 'Ludicrous' Bill Clinton Affair Rumors

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Liz Hurley has denied the “ludicrously, silly stories” that claimed she had an affair with former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Despite her dismissal of the claim, the actress has noted her attraction to politicians several times. In the past, Hurley has even commented on Clinton.

“I adore Clinton,” she said. “You know, naughty but nice with a very sexy voice.”

The reports of her alleged affair were originally made by Radar Online, which claimed to have audio footage of Black Hawk Dawn star Tom Sizemore speaking about Hurley’s relations with Clinton.

Sizemore himself claimed that he had engaged in a three year long affair the Hurley while she was engaged to Hugh Grant in the 90s.

However, Sizemore has since come forward and denied any such claim about Hurley and Clinton’s supposed affair, swearing that he had never met Clinton or been to the White House.

Sources: The Independent, The Telegraph


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