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Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance" Show Gets Terrible Ratings

The premiere of Paula Abdul's new show, Live To Dance, started off fairly well on Tuesday night.

Not great, but good.

People seemed like they were willing to give the premise and Paula a chance. Well, they must have only wanted to give her one chance because the show tanked on Wednesday night and barely, by the skin of a vodka being sipped from a red plastic Coke glass managed to hold on to third place for the hour.

Yep, when the second episode of your show almost can't beat the CW, then you know you are not long for this world.

There is nothing wrong with her new show, it is just that it has been done before and there is nothing really special about it either.

I wanted Paula to succeed because I still feel bad about her decision to walk away from all that money thinking she was going to find fame and fortune somewhere else.

She had not got it anywhere else between the end of her recording career and Idol, so I don't know what made her think she was going to get it somewhere else.


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