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Live Theaters Create 'Tweet Seats' for Cell Phone Addicts

The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is offering 'Tweet Seats' where audience members are encouraged to post comments about the show on during the performance.

Guthrie Public Relations Director Trish Santini told the Daily Mail: "If there were ever a Guthrie show to host Tweet Seats, it's 'The Servant of Two Masters.' This cast is an incredible ensemble of comedians, and night after night they're riffing and improvising. It's the kind of show that makes you ask, 'Did they just say that?' Usually they did. And tweeting should be a great way to talk about it."

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Palm Beach Opera in Florida and the Public Theater in New York have all experimented with special sections for visitors who can't keep off their cell phones, reports the Daily Mail.


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