Liv Tyler Approves of Steven Tyler’s Fiancee Erin Brady

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Liv Tyler approves of her father, Steven Tyler’s love and career choices.

Liv was asked about her father’s recent engagement to Clear Channel executive Erin Brady, and revealed that she is an enthusiastic supporter of their impending nuptials. She explained that the two have been together “for a long, long time” and adding, “I like her very much.”

Attending the Sundance Festival to promote her new movie, Robot and Frank, Liv also revealed that she following in her famous father’s footsteps into music.

Liv has a longstanding contract with Givenchy, the European cosmetics company and said: “I got to record a cover of INXS’s ‘I Need You Tonight’ for a Givenchy commercial. It was fun and terrifying and wonderful.” It is due out soon.

“I always thought when I was a little girl that I’d be a singer,” she continues. “My mom [Bebe Buell] was always in bands. My dad. And my stepfather, Todd Rundgren, is an incredible musician.”

When pressed about her father’s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner on Sunday, Liv confessed she hadn’t seen it yet. “Somebody told me my dad just sang the national anthem,” she said. “I’ve got to go Google it.”

Dear Liv, maybe you shouldn’t?


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