Little Girls Drop F-Bomb for Equal Pay, Against Rape (Video)


A new video featuring little girls cursing for equal pay and against sexual assault has hit the web, but is raising questions on whether the message gets lost in the numerous F-bombs. created the video (below) that features the little girls dressed up as princesses, but cursing like men, noted notes the girls are between 6-13 years old.

"I'm not some pretty f----- helpless princess" says one girl. "I'm pretty f------ powerful."

The girls then ask if the word f--- is more offensive than the sexism against women.

The kids state that women are paid 23 percent less than men "for the exact same f--------" work."

"Pay up mother f------!" yells another girl.

The video then switches to the topic of sexual assault.

“One out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man. Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f------- rape,” states one of the girls.

The youngsters then count off "one, two, three four, five" and ask which one of them is going to get raped.

Two women appear at the end of the video to knock home the message of how people should be more offended by the facts than by the F-word.

The reactions of adults to the foul-mouthed children on the FCKH8 Facebook were pro and con:

It's sad that people are offended by swear words more than they are the discrimination their daughters are facing. Great priorities!

If them swearing is more offensive to you then the message they are relaying then you are part of the problem.

Absolutely not. Children should not be swearing, period.

Think this will have the opposite effect intended... I'm all for equality but I think most people won't see past the swearing children and just close it in disgust after a few seconds...

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