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Listen: Beyonce Releases Fierce New Song, 'Bow Down, I Been On'

Beyonce is back and fiercer than ever!

Yesterday, Beyonce released Bow Down, I Been On. This is the first track from her upcoming fifth studio album. It is not yet known if it is the first single or just an intro, but nevertheless Beyonce has something to say.

"I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world," Beyonce sings over a Houston inspired beat. "Don’t forget it, don't forget it. Bow down b***hes."

"I took some time to live my life but don't think I am just his little wife," she continues. "Don’t get it twisted this is my shit, bow down bitches."

Beyonce seems to have set out to make a statement with Bow Down, I Been On. It's hard not to wonder if she is talking to someone in particular, (Keri Hilson)? The picture she released also has people talking. On her Tumblr, Beyonce released a picture of herself as a young girl wearing a pageant dress and crown standing in front of a fireplace surrounded by trophies.

The Mrs. Carter world tour is set to kick off in April and this is the only new music fans have heard from the album, rumored to be called Mrs. Carter. A few weeks ago, a tracklist leaked supposedly from Beyonce's new album, but reports said it was fake. Fans will just have to wait and see what Beyonce has in store.

Bow Down, I Been On was produced by Hit Boy who also produced Jay-Z and Kane West's N****s in Paris.

Listen to Bow Down, I Been On and tell us what you think:


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