No Interview! Lindsay Lohan Kicks Matt Lauer Out of House


Boom! That’s the sound of Lindsay Lohan (hey, howya’ been, girl?) slamming the door in Matt Lauer’s face. LiLo agreed to do an interview with the Today show talk show host and was all prepared to go, in the make up chair and everything, when she called the entire thing off after learning it was going to be “lengthier” than what she was anticipating.

NBC says that Lauer flew to L.A. (from NYC) yesterday and arrived at Lindsay’s place around 6 PM only to be given the cold shoulder. Lindsay’s team said that Lauer/NBC failed to communicate the fact that the interview would be extremely long. Of course, sources from NBC say that producers made it very clear how much time the interview would take because it would be shown on both Today and Dateline

The claws, super kind nasty-violent words, and who knows what else came out on both sides before Lauer threw his hands up in the air and headed back to NYC. Without any interview whatsoever. No compromise was reached.

Before deciding to call the interview off, LiLo supposedly consulted with her publicist, Steve Honig, who also agreed this wasn’t the ideal time for an in-depth interview. Probably because of the whole I-can’t-leave-my-house-because-I’m-a-borderline-alcoholic-and-thief situation.

As always, I’m on Lindsay’s side. Please, communicate better next time, Matt Lauer. Sheesh!


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