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Lindsay Lohan Tries to Outsmart Alcohol-Monitoring Anklet?

Wow, it took two whole days for a story to come out about Lindsay Lohan trying to outsmart her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring anklet. I can't believe it took that long. From Us Weekly:

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Being shackled with an alcohol-monitoring anklet doesn't mean Lindsay Lohan won't try to tipple. A source says the actress, 23, who wore one in 2007, has claimed she "put tea tree oil on to fool it."

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Says Pasadena Recovery Center's Shirley Bennett, "Addicts will use anything with alcohol to set it off, so they can say, 'Oh, I wasn't drinking. It's my perfume!'"

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Another Lohan strategy: using a paperclip to jam the signal. (She denied both strategies to But L.A. criminal defense attorney Decio Rangel Jr. notes: "She could go to jail" if caught.

Tea tree oil? What the f**k kind of made-up stoner concoction is that? Clearly Lindsay's listening way too closely to her gang of jobless hippy hanger-on friends. "Lindsay, the anklet won't pick up the alcohol from this tequila shot because tequila comes from the agave plant in Mother Earth." She might as well just get advice from Google.

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