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Wanna be Lindsay Lohan’s New Assistant?

In the wake of all of the drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan, it appears that her assistant just couldn’t take it anymore….so, she has jumped ship and left Lindsay to fend for herself.

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s assistant, Elinore, just quit yesterday after only putting up with Lindsay’s BS for a few months. Elinore was said to be “exhausted” and “had enough of Lindsay’s demands.”

Snap. I guess it must have something to do with staying out at all hours, hurling random objects at DJs and looking upset when the paparazzi snap her picture at 4am. Elinore reportetdly said that she never had any time to herself and Lindsay would force her to stay with her for days on end without letting her leave. She also said that Lindsay would blame her when things went south, which was probably more often than not.

TMZ even drew up a fictitious ad for the troubled starlet.

What’s even more funny is that Hollywood TV has taken to Twitter to post an ad for the “huge celebrity” in search of an assistant. They tweeted, “Hollywood.TV is Looking for a Personal Assistant for a Huge Celebrity. Must have experience please email resumes to”.

source: Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant — I QUIT!!! - [tmz]

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