Lindsay Lohan, Meet Roman Polanski: Arrest Warrant Issued in L.A.


Lindsay Lohan is a wanted woman!

The LA Superior Court Judge ordered a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan once she returns from Cannes. She is supposedly stranded in Cannes after losing her passport, and has failed to show up for her DUI hearing this morning.

Lohan has been ordered to surrender herself into police custody upon her return to the United States.  The sheriff has even said that there is a possibility she will be arrested upon arrival at the airport. Her bail has been set at $100,000. She will also be randomly drug tested at least once a week, and a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device will be immediately placed on her ankle, and she must refrain from drinking any alcohol until her next formal hearing.

The judge has stated that there is a reason for the court to be concerned. He further stated that he couldn’t be more clear about the priority of this case and getting things done, and he feels there is no excuse.

Do you really think that Lindsay is stranded, or do you think she is trying to avoid her legal problems?


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