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Lindsay Lohan vs. The Press

You know how I know when things are going crappy or about to blow up for Lindsay Lohan? She goes on twitter and starts blaming everyone for everything bad going on in her life and then blames the world for trying to bring her down. She then goes out and parties her face off while popping prescription pills like candy.

Yesterday on her Twitter, Lindsay said that the press is just out to get her and that everything is just all a bunch of lies. Umm, what part? The part where you let in people to rob a house or that they actually robbed the house? The part where you have stolen stuff before or the part where you stole a bunch of stuff before? Yeah, that one was tough to find a difference about because she is pretty good at stealing stuff.

Do you realize that of all the stuff she has stolen and the thousands upon thousands of dollars in goods that she has been part of stealing that she has only ever got into serious trouble for that necklace? That is it. Her fame has given her a pass on the rest of it. And she blames the press for lying about stuff? I can't wait until she goes down for this one. She has got away with too much stuff for too long.


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