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Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton

Oh oh, maybe they'll get into a fight. Preferably with knives. From the New York Post:

Lindsay Lohan came face to face with old frenemy Paris Hilton and freaked out at a high-profile fashion bash, as their long-running feud continues to burn. When Lohan arrived at Lady Gaga's masked ball Thursday night at the Guggenheim Museum, she flipped when she saw her old party-pal-turned-archrival Hilton.

"Lindsay freaked out when she saw Paris," said a spy. "Neither knew the other would be there. And when Lindsay first saw Paris, she just stepped back with these big eyes. She was shaking her head and kept repeating, 'No, no, I can't.' "

"Lindsay refused to get her picture taken with Paris," a source said. "But eventually she calmed down."


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