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Fermented Tea Didn't Set off Lindsay Lohan's Alcohol Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan insists that her penchant for fermented tea did not set off her booze bracelet the other week.

Lohan’s SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet was recently triggered at the MTV Movie Awards. While LiLo and her legal muscle insist she hadn’t been on the sauce during the event, sources claim she did have alcohol in her system.

It was also speculated that LiLo’s love of Kombucha – a fermented tea – triggered the bracelet.

However, the tea makers vehemently deny this. Speaking to Popeater, the makers said: “Our product’s involvement with Lindsay Lohan and her SCRAM bracelet going off is all speculation. Lindsay actually never blamed our product for anything.”

Indeed she hasn’t. The party lass took to Twitter yesterday to vent her spleen.

“FYI.. #kombucha was not the reason that my scram went off-i wouldn’t of been allowed to drink it if that were the problem.. i love Kombucha,” she Tweeted.

So what was it then? Ah, the Smirnoff fairies.


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