Can Lindsay Lohan Stay Sober Forever?


Say what? Say yes. Lindsay Lohan is on a new path in life. This is her plan: sobriety. Permanent sobriety. Hmmmmm. How can this really happen? 

I mean, for real? Lindsay is only 24 and she is swearing off the booze for life? I get the drugs part.  That is “normal” but to swear off drinking forever is a really bold statement and I think she will regret that “promise” because.. I don’t think she can live up to it.

Lindsay Lohan is Smoking Hot For Blank Magazine

I understand her wanting to prove a point, but setting such a huge goal isn’t the best idea.  I think one step at a time is a much better approach. But her friends are standing behind her, saying that she is truly changing her life, for real, for the long haul.

What do you think?  Can Lindsay Lohan stay sober FOREVER?


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