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Lindsay Lohan Skips 'The Canyons' Premiere In Venice

Lindsay Lohan was noticeably absent at the premiere of her newest film, “The Canyons,” at the Venice Film Festival.

"She was supposed to be here today,” said director Paul Schrader at a press conference, according to The Associated Press. “She said she would be, but she is not."

During the press conference, Schrader also confessed now that the film is over, he is "a free man."

"For the last 16 months, I've been hostage, by my own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress," he said.

While Schrader seems to be surprised by Lohan’s absence, a rep for Lohan said that she was never confirmed to attend.

"She always wanted to come, but for reasons out of her control it did not work out," a source told ABC News. "She is very happy the film is showing."

“The Canyons” features Lohan, 27, playing a rising actress who takes on a damaging relationship with a Los Angeles producer, played by James Deen.

Shrader said that Lohan "stepped up very hard" for the movie, though said she seemed to find the production "exhausting," reports ABC News.

"One of her problems as an actor is she has a very hard time faking things," Shrader said.

In a recently aired interview with Lohan, Oprah advised Lohan not to make the trip to Europe for fear she might revert back to her old habits.

"At the end of the interview, I said to her, "Look I have some concerns because I hear you're going to Europe and I just came from Europe," Winfrey said on "Good Morning America." "Europe is the place to go if you want to feel really good and relaxed. It's very hard to go to Capri and not have a Bellini."

It appears Lohan might have heeded that advice.

Sources: ABC News, Associated Press

Photo: Getty Images


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