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Lindsay Lohan Photographed at Cannes With Lines of Cocaine

While Lindsay Lohan is in Cannes showing off what she’s doing instead of attending her court appearance, TMZ got a hold of some photos of the actress with friends. What they apparently did not notice was what was on the table in the front picture.

The judge in Lindsay’s case issued a bench warrant for her arrest, but it was recalled when her business manager coughed up the $10,000 needed so that she wouldn’t be stopped at customs.

Now, Lindsay has to appear in court on Monday, but will this photo have a play in what’s going to happen then? We sure hope so, because it’s obvious that this girl has a problem.

Paging Michael Lohan! At the press conference outside of the courtroom, Lisa Bloom, Michael’s attorney, said that they were the only ones to call for the strict requirements on Lindsay. Meaning the random drug testing and the SCRAM bracelet that the judge ordered her to wear.

I hope she can design some leggings to fit around that sucker, because you know she’ll probably try to make some sort of fashion statement with that.

And as for why Lindsay is being pictured with some broad who’s nearly naked, well, that is just beyond us. Go here for the moon, if you dare!

Is she so cracked out that she doesn’t care that someone’s butt is in her face? Will she be forced to go to rehab? Stay tuned!

source: Lindsay Lohan — Parlez-Vous Party Time? - [tmz]

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