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Lindsay Lohan Parties with Mom, Arrives Late to Deposition

It’s a good thing that Lindsay Lohan surrounds herself with the proper influences! She and mom, Dina, were partying it up until 2am last night. It was almost as if she had nothing to do today.

The twosome were seen hitting up Chateau Marmont until the wee hours of the morning, despite the fact that Lindsay was due in court for her third strike at her deposition.

She showed up, but in true Lindsay fashion, she was 22 minutes late! And Michael thinks that Dina should help Lindsay? She’ll help her alright, right into the nearest club where she no doubt gets A-list treatment.

Lindsay had to show up today, regardless, because she would’ve automatically lost the case. The case involves a 2007 SUV hijacking where the guys are claiming that they were held hostage. Not to take Lindsay’s side, but I’m sure it’s hard to be taken hostage by a girl who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet.

Lindsay lives to party another day, though. After seven long hours of testimony, she was free to go. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

source: Guess Who Showed Up To Her Deposition Today? - [dlisted]

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