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Lindsay Lohan Parties and Hides Under Table in Brazil

Lindsay Lohan is set to enter her 90-day "lockdown" rehab on May 2, but it seems she is getting some partying in before she goes.

Last night, in San Paulo, Lohan made an appearance in a club, where for a short time she sat on the dirty floor, underneath the DJ's table.

“Nobodyknew she wasdown there.Therewas harassment! She hid because they werenoton topof it," an attendee wrote on Twitter.

Reportedly, Lohan caused pandemonium in the club and was rushed by the crowd.

"She was amazing and fulfilled her obligations, and it is so sad that the one shot was taken when she was trying to take a break—of constantly being attacked for autographs and pictures—under the DJ booth, and that in this case, the media is unfairly destroying her," a source told E! News.

Lohan is in Brazil to do promotional appearances for John John Denim, where she will be paid $100,000 for three appearances.


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