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Lindsay Lohan Loses Laptop Full of Nude Pictures, Offers Reward

Lindsay Lohan recently announced on Twitter that her laptop computer had been stolen in the Shanghai, China airport and offered a reward for anyone who gives it back to her.

According to, Lohan tweeted and later deleted:

It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport...

...offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it. xo L

TMZ claims that Lohan says the computer included naked pictures of her, making the laptop's value skyrocket.

When asked how much the reward money is, Lohan reportedly responded, "Whatever it takes."

The nude pics are from photo shoots, but were never supposed to be released.

Also on the computer are private chats between her other celebs such as Woody Allen and Lady Gaga.

Sources: and TMZ


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