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Is Lindsay Lohan a Jewelry Thief?

Lindsay Lohan is going to find herself in a world of trouble today when the District Attorney goes after her for felony larceny, but there’s a snag in Lindsay’s claims. According to reports, Lindsay is now claiming that she wasn’t even at the store when the necklace was stolen! What?!???

When the news broke that the LAPD obtained a search warrant for Lindsay’s house, she scrambled to leave the place ASAP and get the necklace back to the Venice store. Now, Lindsay has said that she was never at that store, even though the shop owner has video!

A source close to Lindsay said, “Lindsay read Radar’s story about the necklace and freaked out. She couldn’t believe that cops had obtained a search warrant for her house. She told advisers close to her that she was never in Kamofie & Company, the jewelry store that she allegedly stole the necklace from. When it was pointed out to Lindsay that there was surveillance video of her in the store, the denials stopped.”

Another snitch close to Lindsay said that it’s a common thing for Lindsay to lie. They said, “People in Lindsay’s inner circle say she lies all the time. Some people believe one of the reasons she does is because Lindsay is trying to be a people pleaser.”

Another spy said that Lindsay reacted quickly to get out of her house once she heard that the cops were coming to search it. The source said, “Lindsay couldn’t get out of her house fast enough. She didn’t want to be there if the cops did go through with the search warrant – it would be a nightmare for her. Lindsay knew that photographers were going to descend on the scene, and she got the hell out of there.”

Lindsay’s going to be in deep trouble today!

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