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Lindsay Lohan to Join 'Celebrity Big Brother' in the UK?

Lindsay Lohan is not in hot demand in the U.S. – but it looks like the United Kingdom is a different story.

Daily Mail, Lohan is in talks to join the UK show Celebrity Big Brother and producers have flown to L.A. to try and convince her to take the job. Lohan would follow in the footsteps of actress Tara Reid, who was a housemate in 2011.

Even if Lohan agrees, there is one major holdup: she is currently on probation and she is not allowed to leave the country. Celebrity Big Brother has a scheduled January 2012 shoot date.

On November 2, L.A. County judge Stephanie Sautner ordered that so long as Lohan performs 12 days of community service at the L.A. county morgue and attends four psychotherapysessions before December 14, she will avoid serving an additional 270 days in jail.

If Lohan complies, she will be required to spend an additional 12 days at the morgue and attend four more psychotherapy sessions by January 17. Once that is complete, she is expected to do the same before February 15.

Between February 15 and March 29, Lohan is expected to complete 17 more days at the morgue and attend six psychotherapy sessions, which will wrap up her probation.

As part of Sautner’s new conditions, the Mean Girls star is not allowed to leave California without her new probation officer’s approval (with the exception of holidays).

What do you think about Lindsay on Celebrity Big Brother? That would be interesting to see.


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