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With Arrest Warrant Lifted, Lindsay Lohan Gets Back to Partying

I’m not sure how much fun Lindsay Lohan can possibly be having aboard this yacht in Cannes at a party when the judge cancelled her vacation plans to see Lindsay in court on Monday. Personally I think that’s a really, really, really, really, really bad sign. But that’s just me. I’m not under the influence in denial.

Sure she’s drinking water, but an impending vacation in prison is enough to make anyone rock back and forth in the fetal position in their hotel room. But it’s Lindsay Lohan. And one must be seen, yes?

I’m certain her passport will ‘miraculously’ show up or she will obtain one in time to get back Monday for her court appearance.  She could possibly be looking at spending 180 days in the pokey. That’s 6 months. Six months brings us to November which is after awards season and all the parties that she would be possibly be attending. And I think that’s even if she does show up on Monday. Imagine what would happen if she misses Monday’s court date?

If pissing off the judge enough to make her cancel her vacation plans isn’t enough of an incentive for Lindsay, maybe the parties she would be missing over the 180-day term is. Gotta have yer priorities, gurl. Holla.

Photo:  WENN


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