Lindsay Lohan Hit With Another Lawsuit

Sucks to be you, Lindsay Lohan. The starlet has been walloped with another lawsuit as she made her way to her probation hearing today.

According to TMZ, LiLo was served with legal papers in a civil lawsuit while riding the elevator at the Bev Hills Courthouse. A process server for Tough As Nails attempted to hand Lohan legal papers, reports the website.

LiLo apparently went postal and “freaked out” and instructed her "people" to have him removed. She refused to take the papers, so the server dropped them on the floor.

Under California law, the server has done his duty if he’s met face to face with the served party.


Will LiLo be sent to the pokey today?

Click here to watch a live stream from the Beverly Hills courthouse.

Stay tuned for updates…


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