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Is Lindsay Lohan her Mom's Personal ATM?

Remember that explosive fight we reported yesterday between Lindsay Lohan and her mother? Well during it she called her father Michael Lohan who OF COURSE taped it and sent it to TMZ. During the call Lindsay told her dad she wanted her $40,000 back which she leant to Dina because mom was about to lose her house. Within that same call she tells her father that her mother is on cocaine (which she can obviously afford, it's just her mortgage payments that are a pain).

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay helped her mom from losing her house back in 2010 and has also helped pay for her little brother's tuition.

While it's great to help out family (and we should), this goes above and beyond anything reasonable. On the one hand you have her father selling her out and running to the media about their familial problems every chance he gets, and then there's her mother who can afford to party and do cocaine, but can't afford the responsible thing like taking care of her children and her obligations.

Dina denied being drunk when she did her interview with Dr. Phil in which she acted bizarre. She probably wasn't lying, she was probably coked out instead.


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