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Lindsay Lohan Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled Without Painkillers?

Well, if this isn’t some extraordinary timing! Apparently, Lindsay Lohan has decided to have her wisdom teeth pulled. You know what that means, right? Drugs!

Lindsay has been fitted for her latest ankle accessory and has already gotten around some of the rules with a doctor’s note. Currently, she is only allowed to take Adderall (for ADD) and Ambien (for sleep) per the court’s instructions. Now, since she’s getting some teeth yanked, it’s very likely that her dentist will prescribe some sort of painkiller for her. The good ol’ doc will probably hook her up with some Vicodin (in excess, no doubt) or Percocets.

For a reported prescription drug addict, this could spell disaster. And for someone who’s getting their drug input and output watched like a hawk, it may mean trouble for the starlet.

Last night, she tweeted, “night night… before i am bed ridden from getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow - wish me luck - i’m scared :( xx”

I would be scared too if I had to undergo that kind of procedure without pain medication. The thing is, I’ll bet she has her attorney make some special arrangement with the judge, so that she’s allowed to take Percocets or whatever they’re going to give her. She’s spoiled like that…but some small part of me wants to see her suffer, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Or maybe until she starts making decent movies again.

source: Lindsay Lohan’s in for a world of pain! - [page six]

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