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Lindsay Lohan Has Not Checked In To Rehab Yet Despite Deadline

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to check into rehab today for 90 days per her plea agreement and E! News is reporting that despite reports to the contrary, Lohan has not yet checked into rehab.

Lohan's lawyers were in court this morning and told the judge that she was "ensconced in the bosom of that facility right now. She is already there. She is already accepted."

Lohan was supposed to check into a facility in New York, but her lawyers said she would be going to one in California.

"I thought the agreement was the parties were going to get together because this facility was going to be in NY," Judge James Dabney said.

"We thought that was the facility we were going to use," Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White replied. "Now I start hearing that she is going to another facility."

"The facilities do not want to have paparazzi…so I explored another facility that had not been disclosed, spoke to director of that facility," Lohan's attorney Mark Heller said.

As of press, Lohan has not checked into rehab and was seen shopping at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, Calif.


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