Lindsay Lohan Flies to London for New Year's Eve


If you live in London, you might have noticed that over the weekend the air turned a little bit warmer and smelled slightly of hair dye and chemicals. That's because Lindsay Lohan's in town! Wooh wooooh!

But what's she doing here, eh? Rumours abound that she's come to chase after Max George's probably-unaffected-by-chlamydia cock, or that she'll be spending a spell in Elstree's famous bungalow. OR maybe she's practicing her fake British accent for when she has her full-on Britney meltdown, which simply must be, like, any day now, right?

Here she is, anyway, laughing it up at The Dorchester, where she'll be spending New Year's Eve. That's right, Lindsay Lohan owes a shit ton of taxes and has uniformly proven that she is terrible in her chosen career path (acting, duh) but she gets to party it up at The Dorchester for NYE while you have to go to Dull Simon's house party and make small talk with people you unfriended on Facebook. HAVE FUN!

Anyway, whatever the mysterious for Lindsay gracing us with her immaculate presence and imaginative wardrobe of fur (hope that's faux, Linds...) we bid her a big ginger WELCOME TO LONDON.

Now, if you don't mind us, we're gonna pop down The Dorchester and jump up and down hoping to catch sight of the ginger princess. 

Happy New Year!!!


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