Lindsay Lohan Filming 'Glee' This Week

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It looks like things continue to move in a positive direction for Lindsay Lohan.

After making excellent progress during probation, impressing everyone from the judge to the press,and eventually satisfying all the terms of her probation (including completing mandatory counseling sessions and community service hours) Lindsay is trying to get back into the spotlight for her work, rather than her antics.

Her much hyped appearance on GLEE is going to go ahead as planned, and she is set to begin filming this week! In a statement, Lindsay’s rep confirmed, saying,  ”Everything is running like clockwork and it’s going to be a fantastic episode.”

According to a source, Lindsay will be playing herself as a judge at Nationals. Although she’s currently only slated to appear in one scene during one episode, Lindsay’s role will be “meaty” and will take one full day to film.

Any plans on tuning in??


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