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Lindsay Lohan Discusses Her Drug Use Extensively With Piers Morgan

Lindsay Lohan is currently in rehab at the Betty Ford Center for the next 90 days, but before she entered rehab, she discussed her drug use extensively with piers Morgan.

In the interview, Lohan talks about everything from drinking, to drugs to rehab, to her parents and her relationship with Samantha Ronson.

On Drinking: Lohan admits that she had her first drink at 17 and didn't drink again for a while because she was too scared, but once she moved to L.A. things took a turn for the worst. "I got arrested for my first DUI when I was 20 and they found me with drugs," Lohan said. "And from then on the press were on me all the time. It was the first time I'd taken drugs; I was out in a club with people I shouldn't have been with, and took cocaine, and got in the car. It was so stupid."

On Drugs: Lohan says she's only taken cocaine "maybe four or five times in my life," even though "everyone thinks I've done it so many times. It reminds me of my dad. I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23, and I got caught twice."

[I’ve used] pot, obviously. And ecstasy. I liked that better than the others,” she continued. “I didn’t drink on it, so I was just chilling. It’s something that a lot of people experience when they’re in college. I just should have known that being in the public eye, someone was bound to say something or try to make some money off it.”

On Rehab: Lohan calls rehab "pointless," but says, “I look at it as a good thing. I can come back afterwards and be fully focused on work. But I think there are other things I could do instead of going to a rehab center that would benefit me more,” she explained. “The best thing they could do for me would be to make me go abroad to different countries and work with children.”


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