Lindsay Lohan Demands Club Not Play Pitbull Songs

Remember in August when Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Pitbull for the rapper mentioning her in a song (Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein', to keep flowin' - I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan)? Well Lindsay still thinks she's a celebrity with actual pull because she's "ordering" clubs not to play any of his songs if she happens to be in attendance (which is all the time). Aw, how cute . . . and by "cute" I mean "completely insane." From the New York Post.

Lohan claims in court, “Defamatory statements ... are destined to do irreparable harm,” and she “is a professional actor of good repute and standing.” Now her team doesn’t want her to even have to hear Pitbull’s music.

A source at Wednesday’s party for THQ’s “Saints Row: The Third” video game at LA’s Supperclub told us: “Club staff were told that if any Pitbull song comes on, Lindsay would leave -- [it’s] hard since he’s on so many hit songs right now. They briefed the DJ, actress Taryn Manning, that she could not play any Pitbull songs for the time Lindsay was at the event.”

Who are Lindsay's lawyers kidding when they say she's a "professional actor of good repute and standing"? To be an "actor," you need to work. And to be of "good repute and standing," you need to not be a convicted thief currently on probation. Frankly, I don't know what's made Lindsay so upset with this Pitbull guy. Looking at her rap sheet, she may actually have more street cred than he does. She should go into rapping.


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