Lindsay Lohan Demands Adderall in Rehab (Report)


Lindsay Lohan's rehab plea deal is slowly becoming a huge problem. TMZ previously reported that there are no lockdown rehab facilities in N.Y., where Lohan agreed to do her rehab and that was a condition to avoid jail time. Now the website is saying that Lohan wants to be able to take her Adderall while in rehab.

Sources tell TMZ that she has taken the drug for years, to treat her ADHD and believes she needs it to function. They say that she is not allowed to have it, that she take her chances at a new trial.

Many people believe it's the Adderall that has caused so many issues for Lohan in the first place.

"[I]t's toxic," Michael Lohan told Us Weekly Magazine. "When I left [rehab facility] Cirque Lodge [in October 2007], I thought she was in a good place, but she left with a bucket of medication. I was disgusted."

For her part, Lohan is saying that she doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

“She does not need rehab,” her lawyer mark Heller told CNN in March. “Lindsay doesn’t have a problem with alcohol and drugs. Lindsay has other types of issues that are being dealt with.”

Lohan and Heller did eventually agree to rehab.


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