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Lindsay Lohan: Dad Responsible for Passport Theft

Lindsay Lohan is now claiming that her passport that was stolen, but wasn't really stolen, but saying it was stolen made for a good excuse as to why she wouldn't make it to her scheduled court hearing in Beverly Hills in the morning . . . WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!! Oh no! She told Gossip Cop:

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"It’s clearly an inside person who works with my father that has been set to set me up. He’s been threatening me."

And while Lohan is scheduled to get another passport tomorrow from the U.S. Embassy, there’s another issue.

“All flights [are] booked,” she tells us.

Lohan feels her problems are “going to be fine” and ultimately resolved, but tells Gossip Cop her current ordeal is “so scary.”

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Oh, Jesus Christ, just shut up, Lindsay. No one was sent on a special mission to Europe to steal your passport. Why? Because no one cares about you. Michael Lohan can't even afford rent. How the hell is he supposed to afford a secret agent? You might as well have said your passport grew legs and ran away while you were distracted feeding a bunch of French homeless men at Le Soup Kitchen.

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