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Lindsay Lohan Clashes with Co-Star Grant Bowler on 'Liz & Dick' Set

While everyone naturally assumed the worst from her, Lindsay Lohan has surprised the cast and crew of her new movie Liz & Dick by being the utmost professional on set. Nah, I'm totally kidding.

From Star:

Word from the set of Liz & Dick is that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is clashing with her costar Grant Bowler. Apparently, she was biased against Grant from the beginning, having delusionally believed her own star power was worthy of leading men like Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg and even Brad Pitt.

Consequently, she's been so mean to Grant that her comeback is in jeopardy. "The crew is fed up with Lindsay, because they have to spend so much time dealing with her diva antics and, in turn, trying to soothe Grant's battered ego," says our source.


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