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Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Betty Ford Center With Mere Hours Left Before Arrest Warrant Was Issued

Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab at the Betty Ford Center in California.

“Lindsay went back to rehab last night, and arrived before midnight. Lindsay ISN’T back at Morningside. Her former attorney, Shawn Holley, was officially brought back on the case yesterday after Lindsay was calling her all day Thursday. Shawn was able to convince prosecutors that Lindsay was taking rehab seriously, but her former attorney, Mark Heller, bungled everything,” a source close to Lohan told

Lohan was originally set to eneter rehab yesterday at Morningside Recovery, but decided against it at the last minute.

"She needs rehab and the whole world knows it," a source told People magazine. "And she showed up [at Morningside Recovery] in the morning and hated it. She thought the facilities are gross. She is interested in going back to Betty Ford because she knows everyone there."

If Lohan had not checked into rehab an arrest warrant would have been issued.

“Right now, Lindsay is focused on getting better. She wanted the drama to end, and that is why she fired Mark Heller. She was literally telling Shawn she would sell a body part if she would take her on as a client again. Shawn agreed, and Lindsay appreciates everything she has done for her. When Shawn says jump, Lindsay will automatically do so,” the source continued.


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