Lindsay Lohan Caught Lying Per Video Tape


For the past couple weeks Lindsay Lohan has been denying any involvement in a nightclub fight, saying she was home watching TV on the night of, and at the time that, the incident allegedly took place. Maris Dugas claimed that she and Lindsay were involved in a physical altercation, which left Dugas with visible bruises and marks on her body.

Now, it turns out that the cops have uncovered video surveillance footage that clearly show Lindsay at the club, completely tearing apart her homebody alibi.

Whether or not Lindsay was actually involved in the fight remains to be seen; she has yet to be interviewed and currently is under no obligation to submit to an interview. A law enforcement source explained that “the investigation is still ongoing, and follow-up interviews will now be conducted as necessary.”

However, it seems peculiar that Lindsay would lie about not being at the club if she had nothing to do with the incident. What do you think, is Dugas just out to get her 15 minutes of fame, or is Lindsay hiding something?


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