Catfight: Avril Lavigne Calls Lindsay Lohan Loser - to Her Face


Apparently E-Trade isn’t the only one who’s had words with Lindsay Lohan lately. While at the Chateau Marmont, Avril Lavigne called Lindsay a loser, sparking a wicked catfight.

About a week ago, Avril and Lindsay were both at the hotel when Lindsay approached her to say hi. Avril went on the attack, calling Lindsay a fake and a loser.

A spy on the scene said, “Avril was at a table with friends just over a week ago including her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, when Lindsay came over to say hi. But as soon as she approached, Avril launched at her and said, ‘Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don’t like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.’ Lindsay was furious and screamed back, “Don’t threaten me!’ She then stormed off to security and tried to get them to kick Avril out. They refused to force Avril to leave. Lindsay eventually stormed off.”

It sounds just like Lindsay’s self-entitled self to do something like this when she doesn’t get her way. Reportedly, Lindsay snubbed Avril at a recent event, but at the Chateau Marmont, wanted to be friendly.

The snitch added, “It seemed like she was just being friendly to Avril because she was with people Lindsay wanted to impress. Avril is avoiding going to the Chateau Marmont when she knows Lindsay will be there. She doesn’t want any more drama.”

I can’t say that I blame her. Do you?

source: Lohan, Avril in public brawl - [page six]

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