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Lindsay Lohan to Appear in 'Scary Movie 5'

Apparently Anna Faris has had enough of the Scary Movie franchise. She will not be in part 5 when it starts filming soon. Yes, she is pregnant, but they could have worked that in. It is a horror spoof series. Anyway, replacing her is Ashley Tisdale. Also starring in the movie is none other than Lindsay Lohan who will compare her drug usage to the kind of drugs, Charlie Sheen who will also return for the 5th installment despite being killed off in the 4th.

I wonder if we should classify this as real work for Lindsay. It almost feels just like a cameo and she might even end up playing herself. All I know is that she has booked three movies in the past six months and although all of her performances will surely be horrible, she is getting work. I thought she might be past the getting work stage of her career except in things straight to DVD or Lifetime movies. Oh, wait. That is what she is doing for these two last ones. My bad.


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