Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Together Again?

Lindsay Lohan left ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s house early Monday morning, clutching a cute little teddy bear with the words “I love you” written on it — just days after Samantha was caught in a lip lock with another woman.

Lindsay walked over to Sam’s house (which is just next door) at 11pm Sunday night. Lilo stayed until 4am, when she returned to her own pad proudly displaying her new bear, which seemed to be a gift from Ronson.

Do you think this means they are a couple again?

A source told X17online:

“It was pretty late but Lindsay didn’t look tired at all — she was beaming! With all her court and family drama going on she still looked happier than she’s been in a long time. It was almost like she really wanted to show off her new little toy, which must have been a gift from Sam.”

Lindsay was furious after she saw photos of Sam smooching a cute brunette, even tweeting her anger to her followers, saying “Funny how I just dropped @samantharonson @lax” with a link to the pix.

But Samantha is apparently desperate to make up with her ex-girlfriend and current neighbor, giving Lindsay the cute bear as an apology.

What do you think?


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