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Brit Singer Lily Allen Retires from Music at 25

Definitely-maybe retired warbler Lily Allen says she hopes to do the one thing her critics have been begging for – to “fade into oblivion” soon.

Allen, who recently declared she’s retired from the music biz, says she plans to vanish from the limelight and become less of a fodder for paparazzi.

She told Britain’s Closer magazine:

“I hope in a year’s time I’m not gonna be asked to awards and I won’t be nominated because I haven’t put anything out there. And hopefully I can fade into oblivion.”

Allen says she’d rather throw her energy into baby making with her bloke Sam Cooper than hog the limelight.

“I plan to have children in the next year, and because people have stopped buying music, the only way to make money is on tour and I’m just not willing to do that with babies around.”

Sorry, but we just can’t suspend our disbelief with this one. She’ll probably go on a hiatus for a year or two and push out some bambinos, but we’re not buying the retirement line. Just watch this space…


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