Lily Allen Defends Adele


Apparently Lily Allen does not watch very much live television and has never seen an awards show. After Adele was cut off in mid-speech the other night, England has gone into a frenzy. People say they have written their member of Parliament and are outraged and it goes on and on. Lily Allen, who has not been heard from since she had her baby suddenly came out and said it was because Adele is a woman and they would never have done it to a man.

Seriously? I know when you watch Golden Globes or Academy Awards that it does not matter who you are or what sex you are you are getting cut off if you go long. If the show starts running long then the people at the end have their time to talk cut. It is definitely not a sexist thing and it is definitely not politician calling worthy. It is a two minute thank you speech for an award that no one will remember she won five years from now. Get over it.

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