Brit Singer Lily Allen Not Getting Married Post-Miscarriage

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British singer Lily Allen has lashed out at a gossip columnist who claims the star is planning to marry next year in a bid to lessen the grief following her miscarriage.

Allen lost her unborn son six months into her pregnancy in October, and was later hospitalised with septicaemia.

Katie Nicholl writes in her Daily Mail column that Allen and boyfriend Sam Cooper were set to walk down the aisle in the New Year.

“They realised through their grief that they absolutely adore one another and cannot live without each other,” a ’source’ said.

Allen has since responded to the report, slamming the gossip columnist on Twitter.

Allen writes,Katie Nicholl I THINK you’re a c**t, leave me out of your sh**ty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life.

“Theres (sic) a time and a place for your musings where i’m concerned, and it’s not now,” adds the singer.

No response from the Mail fraternity nor Nicholl to date, and the article remains published.

There is a time and place for gossip, and a time and place when assumptions should not be relayed. As they say about the word Assume – it makes an ASS of U & ME.


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