Rapper Lil Wayne Thrown Into Solitary Confinement

Apparently, on Rikers Island, you are not allowed to have an MP3 player. The guards found one on Lil Wayne, so for the final month of his sentence, he will spend it all alone in solitary confinement.

Gone is the "waking up at 11 and goofing off all day with other inmates" time he had previously enjoyed. Now he will have one phone call per week and spend 23 hours a day in his cell.

All for an MP3 player. If this had been California, the guards probably would have not only let him keep his MP3 player, but also allowed him to bring in studio equipment and whatever else he needed. If it were Lindsay Lohan, well, she would not even be in jail, so it would not matter.

The incident with the MP3 player happened back in May, but there were no openings in solitary confinement until now, because they were all filled with prisoners who had done some violent act in the jail. Lil Wayne is getting released next month, which is 4 months early.

You know, for good behavior. Umm, so getting thrown in solitary does not affect the whole good behavior thing?


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