Lil Wayne is Making Your Children Have Sex

By Mike Rosst

I knew it. I've been saying this for years. That collapse in society we've all been told about, where feral teenagers roam the streets at night looking like extras from a Mad Max movie having sex with anything that moves... it's upon us.

And who's to blame? Lil Wayne, of course. From Breitbart.com:


"In an unusual piece of research, investigators at the University of Pittsburgh graded the sexual aggressiveness of lyrics, using songs by popular artists on the US Billboard chart.

"The lyrics were graded from the least to the most sexually degrading.

"They then asked 711 students aged 15 to 16 at three local high schools about their music preferences and their sexual behavior.

"Overall, 31 percent of the teens had had intercourse.

"But the rate was only 20.6 percent among those who had been least exposed to sexually degrading lyrics but 44.6 percent among those highly exposed to the most degrading lyrics."


It seems like every few years, there's some new research suggesting that sexually aggressive lyrics might be responsible for teens having sex. I remain unconvinced.

This study showed that 45% of 13-18 year olds who regularly listened to music with "explicit and aggressive sexual phrases" for more than 17.6 hours a week had lost their virginity whereas, just 21% of those who listened to less than 2.7 hours had.

Ooh look - a correlation! As the researchers themselves point out, that doesn't mean that listening to the music is causing teenagers to have sex earlier. Even if the study is accurate, there are all sorts of reasons why someone who spends 18 hours plus a week listening to music chock full of sexual degradation and misogyny might be more likely to have sex than someone who doesn't.

So what am I, as a parent, to do? According to lead researcher Dr. Brian Primack: "Parents should be talking to their children about sex and putting these sorts of lyrics in context." Really? Parents should talk to their children about sex? Wow. No one's ever thought of that idea before. Thank God someone's done this research so we've got that exciting idea.



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