Rapper Lil Wayne Avoids Second Jail Term

Bad boy rapper and jailbird Lil Wayne has been sentenced to three years probation for his role in a 2008 drug bust in Arizona.

Wayne, currently serving time in New York’s Riker’s Island prison on a gun charge, is said to have accepted a plea deal in order to spare himself from further jail time in Arizona. He pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a dangerous drug.

The rapper, real name is Dwayne Carter, was stopped at a US Border Checkpoint while on tour in January 2008 and found cocaine, marijuana and a handgun.

Wayne appeared in court via video link from his prison cell.

His lawyer spoke after the hearing: “We’re quite glad that we were able to wrap everything up. It’s a favourable plea agreement that will allow Mr. Carter to pursue his career.”

Well he’ll have to wait. He’s not out until November at the earliest, so it’s sewing mail bags a go-go until then, baby!


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