Like Pippa Middleton's "Bum" at Your Own Risk!


A car has been spotted driving around England that is apparently a not-too-subtle reminder for men that they shouldn't tell their mates everything.

The little blue Peugeot has been vandalized, the words "Is Pippa's bum still better than mine???" spraypainted in bright white, according a photo in the Daily Mail.

People are speculating that the unfortunate gentleman made the mistake of telling his lady friend that Pippa Middleton's rear end was a sight to behold (probably not in those words).

But this still-unidentified man is not the only one. Since it made its worldwide debut in that white dress at the royal wedding, Pippa's behind has a lot of admirers. One of the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society pages on Facebook (there are several) boasts 216,000 followers, far more than any Pippa appreciation page that doesn't mention her bottom.

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So what have we learned from this story? Go ahead and enjoy Pippa's behind -- just keep your mouth shut about it.


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